Van Tour Furnas - Full Day

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  • Average Time: 7H.30

This tour requires at least 4 participants to take place.

Price per person: 75.00 €

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On this tour by Van, we will feel and experience the volcanic origins of the island in Furnas, a magical place full of geothermal activity, as well as the centenary Terra Nostra botanical garden that is famous for its extraordinary collection of native plants. On our way we will pass through Lagoa city; Vila Franca do Campo; Lagoa das Furnas/Cozido area; Terra Nostra Garden (visita e banho na piscina quente/visit andiron hot water swim); Pico do Ferro view point; Chá Gorreana.

This tour takes place at any time of the year by appointment.

Starts at 8.30H